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Living At A Luxury Hotel In Brickell

April 22nd, 2013 Written By

Brickell Condo Blog | The Riley Smith Group

Ever since I was a kid and first heard about Eloise, the children’s character who lives at The Plaza Hotel in New York, I have always wanted to live in a luxury hotel. Well it seems I am not alone. Last week, I showed condo-hotels to clients from Puerto Rico and this weekend I received a call from a reader of this blog, who lives in Brazil, and wants to buy a condo in a Miami Luxury Condo-Hotel building. Specifically the...Continue Reading!

In Brickell, An Over Priced Two Bedroom vs. An Under Priced Three Bedroom

April 18th, 2013 Written By

Brickell Condo Blog | The Riley Smith Group

I spent the last three days showing potential condos in Brickell to clients from out of town. Here are my notes from the trenches: A nice two bedroom condo in a better building in Brickell is going to cost at least $575,000 and more likely up to $700,000. There are very few options at the moment in this price range. Depending upon the building we had between 1 - 3 condos for sale to consider. In some buildings, there were none. The ability...Continue Reading!

What Will $1,000,000 Buy in Brickell?

March 1st, 2013 Written By

Brickell Condo Blog | The Riley Smith Group

This morning we were looking at everything available for sale in Brickell and Brickell Key for between $975,000 and $1,125,000.  Even though the market is busy, we were a little shocked to find only 16 condos for sale.  13 of them are two bedroom units, two are three bedroom units and there is one four bedroom for sale in this price range. It's not surprising that seven of the available condos are in the Icon Brickell Complex, since there are over 1800...Continue Reading!

The Spa at Icon Brickell and The Viceroy Miami Hotel

November 6th, 2012 Written By

Brickell Condo Blog | The Riley Smith Group

The Spa at Icon Brickell is fabulous and its been written about umpteen times.  But the reason that I'm writing about it is because of its great location and the fact that I can walk there from my home in Brickell.  Now that Brickell is really coming together as a full fledged urban neighborhood, I have decided to really put the idea of city living to the test as often as possible.  That means walking.  And in this November weather, walking...Continue Reading!

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