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Rumor Has It….Brickell’s Flatiron Park SOLD To Ugo Columbo For $21 Million

October 17th, 2013 Written By

Brickell Condo Blog | The Riley Smith Group

Although Brickell has plenty of blue space (as in spectacular views of Biscayne Bay) the amount of green space on Brickell leaves a little to be desired.  That is why Brickell residents are up in arms about the rumors that developer Ugo Columbo has purchased the Flatiron Park in the heart of downtown Brickell.  ExMiami has reported that Ugo Columbo purchased the land for $21 Million and already has a $12.6 Million mortgage on the land. The southern portion of the property is reportedly protected under...Continue Reading!

UPDATE – PENDING SALE: Rare Waterfront Townhouse at Brickell Place Now For Sale!

August 8th, 2013 Written By

Brickell Condo Blog | The Riley Smith Group

    NOT EVERYONE IN MIAMI IS ON VACATION.  THIS SPECIAL PROPERTY WENT UNDER CONTRACT AFTER ONLY 12 DAYS ON THE MARKET.  IF YOU SEE SOMETHING YOU LIKE.  DO NOT WAIT!   If you read our Brickell Condo Blog regularly you surely are becoming familiar with all of the buildings in Brickell, older and newer alike. A rare type of condo exists as only part of only two complexes. Waterfront Townhouses are part of both The Palace, at 1581 Brickell Avenue and also The...Continue Reading!

ICON Brickell & Viceroy Hotel Miami – Is It the Lifestyle For You?

July 23rd, 2013 Written By

We’ve introduced ICON Brickell to many clients since it was in pre-construction sales. Even with the market downturn, those who were able to weather the storm have been able to recoup their investment and in many cases, make a tidy profit. The bigger question though, concerns lifestyle. Is the ICON Brickell & Viceroy Hotel Miami lifestyle for you? This is something that we take time to discuss with any of our clients who are interested in ICON Brickell. We don’t make judgements,...Continue Reading!

Customers Say the Darnedest Things…

May 31st, 2013 Written By

Brickell Condo Blog | The Riley Smith Group

The CEO of a company that I worked for once was known for saying, “the largest room in the house is the room for improvement”.  We always ask for feedback, even when everything seems to go perfectly. This was in my inbox this morning. It’s a great Friday here in Brickell! "For the past decade Tom has been my trusted real estate adviser in Miami. I have sold and bought homes with Tom and his knowledge of the Miami area is...Continue Reading!

This Brickell Bay Club Apartment is Like an Invitation to a Fab Party

May 29th, 2013 Written By

Brickell Condo Blog | The Riley Smith Group

Right now at Brickell Bay Club there are only three condos for sale out of a total of 452 in the building. Even if most of them were for sale we think we’d want to buy this one. It was designed and renovated to maximize the space and the views and as the award winning architect and designer Rene Gonzales says himself, “I wanted the materials to reflect the light, the sky and the water.” And do they ever, which...Continue Reading!

The Cipriani Effect at Icon Brickell Miami

May 13th, 2013 Written By

Brickell Condo Blog | The Riley Smith Group

If you are a real estate fanatic, then you've no doubt heard about the Whole Foods Effect on a neighborhood and real estate prices. Whether or not Whole Foods has a scientific formula for the way they choose new locations in cities, or it’s just a coincidence that they open right at the inflection point when real estate values are about to go up, is up for debate. One thing that is for sure is that when the upscale retailer...Continue Reading!

In Brickell, An Over Priced Two Bedroom vs. An Under Priced Three Bedroom

April 18th, 2013 Written By

Brickell Condo Blog | The Riley Smith Group

I spent the last three days showing potential condos in Brickell to clients from out of town. Here are my notes from the trenches: A nice two bedroom condo in a better building in Brickell is going to cost at least $575,000 and more likely up to $700,000. There are very few options at the moment in this price range. Depending upon the building we had between 1 - 3 condos for sale to consider. In some buildings, there were none. The ability...Continue Reading!

Brickell Real Estate Talk, Coming Soon!

March 19th, 2013 Written By

Brickell Condo Blog | The Riley Smith Group

Our Real Estate Talks in Coconut Grove have proven to be hugely successful.  Last evening Riley gave a comprehensive analysis of the Coconut Grove real estate market to a packed house and soon we will be launching our Brickell Real Estate Talks. Based on your response to our Blog, we know there is a need for it.  To be certain that we are prepared to answer all of your questions and have a lively discussion, please tell us: What night of the...Continue Reading!

February 2013 Shows Strong Growth in Brickell Condo Market

March 6th, 2013 Written By

Brickell Condo Blog | The Riley Smith Group

The February 2013 numbers are in!   Where possible we’ve compared them with February 2012 to show trends.  A short month with very strong growth.  Have a look for yourself: The number of sales this February vs. last February is exactly the same.  Our initial reaction was skeptical until we started crunching the numbers.  Then things started to get very interesting. Average List Price being up only indicates a Seller’s confidence in the market.  But when Average Sale Price is up 16% and...Continue Reading!

SLS Hotel and Residences Coming to Brickell

February 27th, 2013 Written By

Brickell Condo Blog | The Riley Smith Group

The biggest secret that's not a secret!  With it's recent success in South Beach, the SLS flag being touted as the hotel component to the newest Related Group project is sure to contribute to a fairly quick sell-out of the project.  The project will come out of the ground at 1300 South Miami Avenue in Brickell.  This is the corner of South Miami Avenue and 13th Street just east of the Infinity at Brickell Tower. This is NOT a Condo Hotel. ...Continue Reading!

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