The Condo Association Interview – Why?

June 10th, 2013 Written By

The Condo Association Interview – Why?


If you were ever told as a child that you needed to do something “Just Because”, or “Because I am the Parent and I Say So”, then you may get the same feeling about a Condo Association interview being “Required”.

Nobody can actually and definitely explain why.  Ask 20 people and you’ll get 20 answers, all of them different.

This week, one of our clients who is a busy doctor and lives out of the country was scheduled to fly into Miami, just for the interview, because an in person interview is required for the approval of his purchase of a condo in Brickell.  But nobody can say exactly why.  Just a day before he was scheduled to come, and everyone knew that he was flying in just for that, someone in the management company said that it would be OK, if he came for the interview the morning of the closing.  What?  Then what exactly is the purpose of the interview?

Don’t get me wrong.  I actually believe an in-person interview is a good thing.  Especially if the property is being bought in the name of a Company.  As an owner in the same building, I’d like to know that the Condo Association knows who is behind the company name.  Frankly, I think the party that has the most to gain from the interview is the buyer.  But most don’t care to ask too many questions.

My issue is that presenting an in-person interview as part of the required approval process (credit check, background check, character references etc.) and then not actually needing to conduct the interview until the morning of the closing, doesn’t jibe.  This should be presented as an option in the beginning of the process or perhaps if something comes up in the background or credit checks.

Video conferencing nowadays should also be an option.

Just my opinion,  We’d love to know about your experience and hear your opinion.  Please leave a comment or send us a message.

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